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Cervinia Village image at nights
  • The village of Cervinia sits at an altitude of 2050m
  • The highest point is Piccolo Cervino which is at an altitude of 3883m
  • Cervinia boasts of 200km of snow coverage area
  • There are 19 ski lifts in Cervinia/Valtournenche & 34 ski lifts in Zermatt
  • There are 72 Ski Runs in Cervinia/Valtournenche & 78 Runs in Zermatt

A Newby to Skiing would openly ask (& rightly so) What is a Ski Pass & why do we need to Purchase one. A Ski Pass is a ticket that is issued on payment allowing one access to ski a certain ski area/area’s indicated on their ticket. The Ski Lifts are sometimes owned by different consortiums hence the different ski pass options.

For Cervinia there are 2 different Lift pass options available:

Local Ski Pass & International Ski Pass

The Local Ski Pass covers Cervinia & Valtournenche while the International Ski Pass covers one for the 2 listed and Zermatt (which is on the Swiss side).

Please note if you are a Newby skier you will not be needing the International Ski Pass.

There are also Pass options available for non-skiers (pedestrians) who may just want to go up the cable car for Lunch and look at the view.

Keep your Ski Pass safe & take a picture with your phone recording the serial number as this would be the only way you may be able to get a replacement as they are non refundable.

Ski Passes can be purchased in advance from us at NO extra cost